Colby & Paige Tindle

In May of 2018, Paige and Colby contacted me to travel to Denver, Colorado for their engagement session and Fairhope, Alabama for their wedding. When I read their email I was like “ME?? WHAT?? They must not know I live in Alabama!” I was so so excited but thought “this cannot be true!” I had never even traveled past the state of Tennessee at this point in my life, but I emailed back with my fingers crossed tight and got a phone call from them that night! they booked me and immediately I knew this was a great match! They believed in me and my work so much that they wanted me to travel to Colorado for their engagement session and I’ll never be able to thank them enough for such an amazing experience. I teared up during their ceremony, and I’m tearing up writing this. So, please enjoy looking through Paige and Colby’s wedding day. Its beautiful, and It’s worth it. Getting to photograph their engagements and wedding day meant so much to me. I’ll forever be grateful for the opportunities they gave me. Thank you Paige and Colby.

audrey reidComment