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Wedding Photographer Based In Birmingham, AL

Audrey Nicole Is a wedding and elopement photographer capturing real moments through real love.  I am passionate about your passion for one another, and I want to show that through your photographs. Your wedding day is about you two, and absolutely no one. However you choose to celebrate your love, I am there for it! Get married in a way that best resonates with you and your love. Get barefoot together. Allow your dress drag a little. Let your hair blow in the wind. Elope, have the most low-key wedding ever, or have a huge wedding. Loosen your tie or wear no tie at all. Heck, wanna be as non-traditional as possible? I’m down for it! I will your biggest support system throughout the entire process, and I can’t wait to take on this journey with you guys.
I also believe in real, true connections with your photographer whether you are booking an engagement session, or getting married. I think that is so important when having me photograph you and your significant other. Connections create powerful things in a beautiful and positive way
 I want to capture your immense love for one another and I will strive to do that in a artistic and organic way.
So, let’s document love.

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